Per Fernhagens hemsida


Member of:
KRO (Swedish artists Organisation)
IAA (International Association of Art)

Atelje Kärraborg
Kärravägen 69
432 95 Varberg
Phone 0340-623100, 0340-622019
Mobile 073-0989461

Watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastels

Artistic education:
Edelviks Folkhögskola, aesthetic line, Burträsk 1982-1984
Art Industrial School, Gothenburg University, 1984-1986
Valand arts college, Gothenburg 1986-1987
School of Design and Crafts (HDK), Gothenburg 1988-1991

Group Exhibitions in selection:
Tofta Galleri, Varberg 2014
Akvarellutställning, hamnmagasinet, Varberg 2013
Julutställning, hamnmagasinet, Varberg 2013
Dymlingens galleri, Jönköping 2011
Julutställning, folkets hus, Varberg 2006, 2011, 2012
Galleriet, Klammerdammsg, Halmstad 2010, 2011
Julutställning, Varberg 2010
Internationell kunstfestival, Rødby, Danmark 2009
Vårsalongen, Halmstad museum 2009
Frederiks Bastion, Copenhagen, Denmark 2008
Faaborg, Denmark 2008
Varbergs museum in 2007
Art Halland 2013 - 2002
Julutställning, the people's house, Varberg 2006
Tjolöholms castle 2005
Folkets hus, Varberg 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2003, 2002
Art Hall, Varberg 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001
Art promotion, Örebro 2003, 1999
Art treasures, Göteborg 2003

Solo Exhibitions in the selection:
Galleri Tegelbruket, Rydebäck 2013
Mölndals stadsmuseum 2012
Gallery Säby gård, Tjörn 2012
Gallery Hallands Konstförening 2011
Vetlanda konstförening, Vetlanda 2011
Vallersviks galleri 2010
Gallery Sigvardson, Rødby, Denmark 2008
Tofta Gallery, Varberg 2008
Angel Gallery, Stockholm 2008
Gallery Rita, Göteborg 2006
Ringhals 2006
Art Halland 2013 - 2002
Björklidens MOUNTAIN HOTEL 2004
Lundby mill, Varberg 2003
Art Fairs, Halmstad 2003
Autumn Exhibition, Studio Kärra Borg, Varberg 2001
Art promotion, Uddevalla 1999
Garden City, Örebro 1998
Älvsborgs fortress, Bohus 1994
Gallery Baker Farm, Västerås 1992
Falk Hallituskatu Kulturhus, Göteborg 1989
Baker Manor Kulturhus, Göteborg 1988

Represented by including
Lolland municipality
Region Halland
Varberg Municipality
Varbergs county
Björklidens Mountain Hotels
and a decoration of ceramic relief of Veberöd, Skåne

Member of:
KRO, IAA, Varbergs artist association

My views and thinking about painting:
Here are some thoughts on how I wish to convey my image ideas. What I want to show are the diverse nature of different opportunities. Nature is reflected in everything I do. Sometimes flower stems, branches, reeds - everything associated with motion and alignment to do. I call my painting for the “Nature Still Life” a new thought and expression, highlighting the 2000-tal. I can be very naturalistic in my imagery. Often, I take pieces or section of a particular motive and moving into a freer interpretation. Worked a lot with different techniques - sometimes the solution may lie in the oil with respect to oil slow drying. Or the watercolour’s light and uncompromising technique. Acrylic can be suitable for layer painting, because it dries so quickly. Finally the pastels in particular concern me. Like the subtle alignment can be achieved here - which devotes itself well to use in a powerful and more subtle and painterly closer alignment. The final expression can then be quite abstract, when a movement is present. They are also very easy in shadowing and then achieve a more naturalistic tone.

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